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Master Chef LI Kai works as a senior chef teacher specialized in Chinese cooking in Sichuan Tourism University (formerly Sichuan Higher Institute of Cuisine), being a member of Chinese Cuisine Association, a head judge in a Chengdu TV program of private dishes, and the host of a famous blog in www.sina.com, acting as counselor and a stunt double in a TV series Master Chef Lin in Seoulthe promoter of Dongpo dishes from Meishan city. He won the championship every now and then in the different competitions of Chinese cooking.

He has been invited to host Chinese Food Festival in France, Australia,Thailand, Germany, Mauritius,Denmark,Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Nepal,USA, Sweden, Austria, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belgium, and Poland, Czech, Netherlands, entrusted by Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of State Council, China Ministry of Culture, Sichuan Provincial GovernmentChengdu Municipal Government;to show Chinese cooking skills and introduce Chinese food culture in SpainItalySwitzerlandSouth KoreaQatarFinlandTunisiaTahiti, Taiwan, Hongkong and Macau, etc. About ten published books on Chinese cuisine were written or edited by him. Owing to his achievements in Chinese food promotion, he gained the title “Ambassador of Chinese Food”.